Can Yoga Really Help with Depression?

I recently asked my students what it is they like about my class and the response I heard most was, "You remind us over and over to breathe and relax our lips!" You see, we can't hold on and let go. No and stop it. Look, our heart knows, ' to pump blood in-out, in-out, in-out.' Therefore, holding our breath isn't something our heart understands. It kinda flips out. Kinda like.. "OMG!!! Am I ever gonna breathe again? What do I do?!?!" Ahhhh!!! Well now... here is an article I read about Yoga helping with depression. And what did they use in their study? Breathing! That's right! Breathing! Here try this one. Aside from all the other good stuff we know about yoga, we can now add.. WITH A REA

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