Top 5 Yoga Myths

When I tell people I am a Yoga Therapist I get all sorts of questions about yoga. Many people think that it takes certain type of person to do yoga. I think it is every person with the exception of the person that doesn't want to try yoga. My Top 5 Yoga Myths There is a list of myths in people’s heads as to what yoga is and how it should be practiced. As noted in the picture above, the poses are really a small part of Yoga. 1) Yoga is a Religion: This is perhaps the most common view of yoga. Yoga is considered part of Hindu religion, but yoga is not a religion. It is a time tested science with the goal of revealing the true nature of reality. Yoga is a practice, it is a step by step pr

The 8 Limbs of Yoga

Along with myths, there is a bit more to yoga than meets the eye, or body. Yoga actually consists of 8 limbs (parts) and you can do one of them or all of them. The limbs include: 1) Yamas Yama is your attitude towards others and the world around you. There are 5 yamas: Ahimsa or non-violence Satya or truthfulness. Asteya or non-stealing. Bramacharya or non-lust. Aparigraha or non-possessiveness. 2) Niyamas Niyama is how you treat yourself or your attitude towards yourself. The 5 are niyama: Sauca or cleanliness. Santosha or contentment. Tapas or austerity. Svadhyaya or study of the sacred text and of one's self. Isvarapranidhama or living with an awareness of the Divine. 3) Asanas or Phys

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